Jim Braden

In 1969, I was an unsaved, 20 year old sailor, studying nuclear physics at the US Navy Nuclear Power School.  I had been there only a week, when I was assigned Security Watch duty at the officer's school on a Saturday.  The man I stood watch with that day began to talk to me about my lifestyle, and the fact that I had no answers to life's problems.  I was fascinated by his tact as well as his candor as he shared with me from the Bible that I could have those answers I was seeking, and a lot more.  I went to church with him the next day, where I heard the Gospel for the first time in my life; an hour later, I received Christ as my Savior.  An hour later, in a jail service, I gave my first public testimony.  A week later, I began to memorize my first Bible verse.  That began a six month, intense discipleship experience, and it began my life as a Christian.
Today, it is 43 years later, and the Lord isn't finished with me yet!  I invite you to consider the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the Creator God who came to the Earth to die for you and me.  His sacrifice on the cross is totally and permanently effective for all who will trust His work to save them.  Won't you trust Jesus to save you?  Call us if you need help: 319 728 2355.