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Christ Esteem

Where the Search for Self Esteem Ends
 By: Don Matzat

Christ Esteem
The original exhibition of pride occurred when Lucifer decided to usurp the place of God, his Creator.  Since the development of secular psychology and "Self-Actualization" theories, people have sought to build their own self-esteem.  However, Don Matzat has clearly and effectively destroyed the myth of our "need" for self-esteem in this little paperback book.  No longer in print, but it is available at

Competent to Counsel
 By: Jay E. Adams

Competent to Counsel is the defining classic textbook on biblical counseling.  Dr. Adams wrote it in 1970 as an outgrowth of his church ministry.  Being a shepherd, directing his flock, Dr. Adams learned to give people biblical advice instead of the typical non-directive psychobabble of his day.  We can all benefit from the principles he has included in this text.

This book is available from, CBD, or Timeless Texts.

Introduction to Biblical Counseling
 By: John MacArthur

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

Dr. John MacArthur and the Faculty of The Master's College have put together a classic in the field of counseling.  This book clearly shows the dangers and flaws of modern day secular psychology, and offers a biblical alternative without mixing the two.  Anyone interested in a counseling ministry needs to carefully study the principles of this excellent textbook.


Knowing God
 By: J. I. Packer

Knowing God by J. I. Packer

Written in 1973, and revised in 1993, this "classic" has become an essential element in a Bible student's library.  While many books help the theologian learn "about God" this one enables us to study God Himself.  Packer is quick to point out the difference, and makes this concise statement: "One can know a great deal about God without much knowledge of Him."
Having made this point his theme, J. I. Packer then proceeds to help us in our attempt to KNOW GOD. 
Recently, a believer asked how he could "discipline" his study habits and not get "side-tracked" on less important issues.  He was told that studying God will reveal those issues that the Lord would want him to study.  Knowing God is much more important than knowing about God, or knowing other subjects that relate to God. 
Are you looking for a great birthday present for another believer?  Give a copy of this book to help that believer draw closer to the God who saves.

Strengthening Your Marriage
 By: Wayne Mack

This is a great little 8-chapter overview of Christian marriage, written in such a way that it is valuable for premarital counseling or for couples who have been married for decades. Dr. Mack's insights are both profound and simple, and the questions at the end of each chapter allow the reader to go as deep as necessary to help the reader.

The Excellent Wife
 By: Martha Peace

This book is a "must read" for any lady who wants to know how to be a godly wife.  Its companion book,The Exemplary Husband is the perfect complement to this book.

The Exemplary Husband
 By: Stuart Scott

This is the best overall textbook on how to be a godly husband that we have ever seen.  A great companion to this book gives wives the biblical principles they need:  it is The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.