Hope Bible Church

Hope Bible Church

Columbus Junction, IA

Updated 02/March/2015

Have you ever been to Columbus Junction, IOWA?  Well, next time you come, please visit Hope Bible Church and worship the Lord Jesus Christ with us.  We exist to meet the spiritual needs of our local community, depending totally on our Lord Jesus Christ to guide us, as the Holy Spirit teaches us and reminds us of the clear teachings of Scripture (John14:26; 16:13).

    We meet Sundays at 09:30 for Sunday School, 10:30 for morning worship service, and in the evening at 6:00pm for the evening worship service. We meet again on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm for prayer meeting. In addition, there is a Friday morning coffee fellowship at the church as well as several home Bible studies throughout the week.

   Hope Bible Church is an autonomous, non-denominational, local church, with a love for people and a sincere desire to maintain doctrinal purity in all our ministries (Acts 17:11; 1John 4:1).  To that end, we take a literal, historical, and grammatical approach to the interpretation of Scripture (2Peter 1:20).  We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God (2Timothy 3:16) and it provides us with everything we need for life and godliness (2Peter 1:3-4).  If we can serve you with any of your spiritual needs, please feel free to contact us by email:



(For a more detailed understanding of what we believe, see the section entitled "Ministry Philosophy.")