Pastor's Update
 The past two years have given us new opportunities for ministry.  In 2011, the IFCA Chaplaincy endorsed me as a Chaplain to Veterans.  Since then, Anita and I have put together a Veterans' Ministry Model, and we have been testing it.  In that testing, we have discovered the strengths and the weaknesses of it; the biggest weakness is the amount of time it takes.  As the Lord has led, it has become plain to me that it is time to resign the pastorate and focus all my strength on developing a full time veterans' ministry. 
My last Sunday will be August 31st and then we hope to move to Michigan and establish the ministry with the cooperation of two of our supporting churches. 
The Missions Conference was a tremendous blessing and challenge to all our people, and now we work through the process of finding God's choice for the next pastor.  Please pray for us as Hope Bible Church goes through this transition.