Community Information
Columbus Community
CHECK OUT the photo gallery about our community and the 2008 Flood.
Our Current Weather
As a service to our local community and to those who might be coming to CJ, we offer this link to find out what the current weather is.   In addition, since the weather sometimes affects our road conditions, please check the Iowa Road Conditions website if you think that is a possibility.

Coming to visit COLUMBUS JUNCTION?
We live in a delightful, rural community, and our church building is located on Iowa Highway 92 in the center of "Junction."  Approaching from the east (Grandview, IA) or the west (Washington, IA), you will notice our building's steeple as the first landmark you find.  Coming from the north (Conesville, IA) on Iowa Highway 70, as you enter town, you will come to the junction of these two highways (92 and 70) directly across the road from the County Fairgrounds.  At that junction, turn right, and you will see our building at the top of the hill.  (See the Map for further details.) 

We also have two local airports within 25 road miles, and an AMTRAK station just 30 miles to our south.


    We have included this section to show pictures of our delightful area.   All of the photos were taken by members of our church, so you will have an accurate "flavor" of how we view our home...