Other Christian Links
  Evolution/Creation Debate
   There are two sites with important information on this subject that we recommend.

  Answers In Genesis

  Institute for Creation Research

The following colleges offer courses of study which are biblical and beneficial to Christian Ministry:

Appalachian Bible College

Calvary Bible College

Faith Baptist Bible College

Lancaster Bible College

The Master's College

Churches, Fellowships, and Mission Agencies with which Hope Bible Church is closely affiliated:

IFCA International

Midwest Church Extension

Iowa Regional

Bible Churches Chaplaincy

Bible Quizzing

Do You Have Bible Questions?
Contact the experts at GotQuestions.org and ask them your questions.  They will be sure to give you solidly biblical answers.

Are you looking for that special book?  Unfortunately, many Christian books are no longer in print, because publishers limit their offers to those which make money.  Gregory Novalis has created an internet-only bookstore specializing in used, out-of-print, and rare Christian books and Bibles, emphasizing hard-to-find academic and scholarly titles in theology, biblical studies, apologetics, and Christian spirituality.  Because we know Gregory's theological position, godly life, and testimony, we recommend his book service.  Just click on the title above to visit his site.